Spray Tans and Sunbeds

Top up your tan for a night out, or get ready for the beach, with our Spray Tans and Giant Shadow Sunbeds.

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Commercial Grade, and Safe

At Aurora we use Commerical Grade, Giant Shadow Sunbeds, that are fitted with powerful 0.3 tubes; recommended by the Sunbed Association.

We hand clean each bed immediately after use, so our beds are always ready and waiting for you to hop in.

Loyalty Scheme

Visit Aurora 5 times, and get your 6th session free of charge.

Spray Tans

Nouvatan Spray Tans

At aurora we professionally apply Nouvatan spray tan products, in our very own spray booth.

We offer a standard full and half body service, and also a new quick tan solution, for those in a hurry.

During the treatment we apply a guide colour, to ensure a nice even application all over your body. Tans usually fade naturally within 5 to 7 days.

How Spray Tans Work

Spray Tanning's primary ingredient is a sugar derivative called DHA, which is sprayed over the top layers of your skin. It then reacts with your skins amino acids and this creates a colour change similar to UV sun tan.

Contour D'Or

Did you know you could shed a few inches with just a spray tan?

At Aurora we're proud to introduce an inch loss spray tan from the guys at Tibby Olivier, creators of Shrinking Violet Body Wraps; known as Contour D'Or.

It works by soaking into your skins subcutaneous fat cells, and causes them to shrink for up to 72 hours after treatment.

Call us now for more information about this revolutionary new product.

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Spray Tan Information


Before your tan make sure you Shower & Exfoliate your body. Avoid heavy moisturising products/oil based moisturisers, deodorants, oil based products or perfumes.

Be sure to Wax/Shave at least 24 hours before your session. Wear dark loose clothing and open shoes e.g flip flops.

Avoid silk, wool & leather garments as tan will not wash out of these materials.


Wear suitable swimwear or underwear to create the desired result, disposable thongs are available free of charge if preferred.

If using underwear ensure they are black or old as tan will not wash out of lace or elastic.

We will apply a barrier cream to your hands and feet and any other dry areas. Do not touch your skin whilst developing to avoid tanned fingers!


Shower between 6-8 hours after treatment. If for any reason your tan is on longer that this don't panic! The tan will not darken any more than if washed off at the full development time of 8 hours. If Rapid tan is used you can shower off after 2 to 4 hours.

Pat dry with a towel - Do not rub! Avoid water on the skin whilst tan is developing. Use only a non-oil based moisturiser after tan.

Ensure all tan if exfoliated off before your next session to avoid an un-even tan.